We promote meetings on topics that support the well-being of our society. These topics include work, studies, services, hobbies and voluntary activities. The mission is realized by bringing important topics to the fore in environments that are used by everyone, such as information screens and websites.

The communities in our publication point network promote equity and equality by offering a positive communication channel for their community.

Our service is available to everyone.


Free of charge

Ease of use

Assistive support functions



These features enable information to be provided regardless of the financial situation or digital skills of the informant. Thanks to this, each community can get the opportunity it offers highlighted in places with a high visibility value.

Ecological responsibility


We can make use of already existing physical and digital environments in solving the encounter problem.

Let's cooperate and utilize your existing screens and website in a new way. Recycled and undamaged TVs, video projectors and computer monitors are also suitable as screens.



Our method works everywhere and connects people across borders.