Municipalities, educational institutions and business development organizations


We offer our service to municipalities, educational institutions, business development organizations and other actors who need to promote the success of their own reference groups.

If you already have a screen or your own website or are about to get one, let's discuss how our method can help you.



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There are plenty of opportunities around us such as work and study places, services, hobbies, voluntary tasks and events. The challenge is the low, even non-existent, publicity of these important resources and the resulting problem of meeting them. The meeting problem causes pain for the organizers of activities, private people and public organizations. Successful meetings, on the other hand, create social and economic well-being for the entire community. The task of the Pop-Up-Possibilities service is to act as part of the solution to the meeting problem in cooperation with regional actors. 

Let's make the possibilities visible!


The Pop-Up Possibilities service's ideology has a strong functional charge. We want to get people excited about new activities, even produce them. The subscriber has an important task in informing his own reference group and surrounding operators about the new service he offers and encouraging them to use it.

The Pop-Up-Possibilities service is a community publication service operating on the Internet, which the Subscriber can make available to everyone. By logging into the service, the Subscriber Organization can make publications, manage them and send them to be displayed in their own and subscriber-controlled digital environments. Operators of the Subscriber's reference group and the organizations that offer them opportunities can also make announcements that the Subscriber accepts for publication at their own announcement publishing points.

The announcements appear in three different environments:

Embedded PUP publishing nodes in webpages. For instance municipalities' webpages and schools' Pedanet-applications

The Pop-Up-Possibilities service works as a common channel for everyone to bring up opportunities in places with a high visibility value. Together, the publication points build a network that enables important topics to reach people comprehensively.


The subscriber can produce content for the PUP service right after logging in. Wider usage features come into effect when they are opened for use by the Subscriber.


The responsible person named by the subscriber is responsible for ensuring that the content complies with legislation and good practice. The subscriber is solely responsible for ensuring that the content does not infringe third-party copyright or other third-party intellectual property rights.


The subscriber has the right to decide on the content to be published in his publication points. In practice, the Subscriber accepts the material sent by other operators via the Pop-Up Possibilities service, after which the content can be seen at the notification points controlled by the Subscriber. If necessary, the subscriber has the right to edit or reject content produced by other operators.


All content produced by the Subscriber for the PUP service is the property of the Subscriber. The supplier is not entitled to use the content for his own purposes.


The content produced for the service is located on Joki ICT Oy's server. Joki ICT Oy takes care of the service's technical maintenance.


The Pop-Up-Possibilities service can be ordered directly from Huomentaina Oy or from our Representative Stores.


VAT is added to the prices, alv 24 %.

Service part Price

Extended PUP service management right / ID

68 €/month
PUP Box, additional device for information displays 19 €/month
Installation and user training 650 € as a one-time charge
Special orders of the customer, e.g. events

68 €/hour + travel allowances

A brochure supporting the subscriber's communication, A5 0,35 €/piece
A poster supporting the subscriber's communication, A3 1,95 €/piece